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The Principle of Perception

Perception is how we understand or view our world based upon our experience and is filtered through our judgments. It is so for everyone, each person living in a world of his/her own perceptual creation. Most emotions stem from our perceptions. Comprehension of this principle dissolves conflict into understanding. -Rapid Eye Technology’s Skills for Life


Making Native American Drums

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The process in a nutshell.

All Thought is Creative

The principle of thought is: all thought is creative. We are creating our world at this very instant. It is precisely as we think it is, and the moment we take responsibility for our world will be the moment we take control of our world! Thought is the principle that puts all other principles into motion. Nothing happens without thought. All our worries, woes, troubles, enemies, poverties, and grief have all been created by us. Though we may point the finger of blame at someone else, we are doing the thinking in our world. Perhaps it’s time we took responsibility for our thoughts and change our thinking!

The Principle of Thought -Rapid Eye Technology Skills for Life

Think for a moment—everything starts with a thought. Your home was first a thought in someone’s mind. Your car started out in the mind of a designer or engineer. Everything that exists in the present moment was first a thought. Thinking is a creative force. We are always thinking. There is never a second when we are otherwise engaged. Even in sleep or unconsciousness we are thinking; muscles require sleep, yet thought processes require no rest.

Some thoughts create corporeally, others dies in the realm of thought. Some thoughts are meant to be created in our world and others are meant to remain thoughts only. Our thoughts reside in a realm that is free of the limitations of this world; that is, we are free to think anything. We can imagine anything. Since we can imagine or think anything we wish, we can also choose what we will think. We control our reality by controlling our thoughts. Our world is exactly as we have created it. Dr. Deepak Chopra refers to the space between each thought as “The realm of infinite possibilities.”


Been making more rattles.

Its been fun making Native American rattles. I am finding my groove. Fringe has always been one of my favorite things, and feathers. Some times I leave off the feathers though.